Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Dancing Fire on Hell's Kitchen - Mardi Gras Dancers - Samba Dancers

Check out The Dancing Fire on Hell's Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay on Fox Network! Our Mardi Gras Dancers blazed the screen with carnival feather headdresses and beautiful beaded costumes. The performers spiced up the episode while bringing in Mardi Gras beads for the head chef - Gordon Ramsay - and the contestants. Check out the episode below or our website http://www.TheDancingFire.com to book our performers for your event!

hells kitchen mardi gras dancers feather dancers
Hells Kitchen - Samba Dancers - The Dancing Fire Entertainment

stilt walkers hells kitchen fourth of july entertainment
Stilt Walkers - Hells Kitchen - The Dancing Fire Entertainment


Turn up the 󾓶 this Valentine's Day with episodes of Hell's Kitchen. http://fox.tv/WatchHellsKitchen
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Friday, November 20, 2015

Hula Dancers Heat Up the Great White North

The Los Angeles based entertainment company The Dancing Fire, wowed guests of the Rohit Communities night of appreciation for their customers, trades and vendors, and business partners! The celebration, aptly nicknamed the Rohit Tiki Time party, took place in Edmonton, Canada on August 28th, 2015 and featured three of The Dancing Fire's signature performances: Contemporary Hula, Tahitian Dancing, and Fire Dancing. The dance company also performed a sizzling Fire and Tahitian Fusion show with a thrilling Samoan Fire Knife Dancer. However, before any dancers hit the stage, guests received leis from girls in hula attire as characters in Tiki Masks greeted and interacted with them upon arrival, setting the tone for a fun and unforgettable evening.

Rohit Communities, an off shoot of parent company The Rohit Group of Companies, is one of the leading real estate development companies in Edmonton (Alberta's capital, and second largest city of nearly one million residents.) and Fort McMurray. The ever evolving and innovative land development company is spearheaded by CEO Radhe Gupta and his son, President Rohit Gupta, who was recently listed as one of the “Top 40 Under 40” influential people in Alberta, in the online premiere lifestyle magazine Avenue.

The Rohit Group started with a single home in 1986, and through hard work, perseverance, and drive has made a name for themselves and landed on the Profit 500 list of Canada’s fastest growing companies, with a 93 percent increase in sales during the past five years. As their company has grown, so has the list of local charities that they contribute to such as Habitat for Humanity, Stollery Children's Hospital, and WIN House, to name a few.

This success can be attributed to their great team, and leadership through Rohit, who is constantly striving to better himself and gain an edge whether it be in his personal or business life. This drive, passion, and desire to innovate and push boundaries aligns similarly with the direction of The Dancing Fire, led by director Natalia Dance. Her hard work, talent, drive, and ability to lead has allowed The Dancing Fire to push the envelope of dance entertainment and increase the reach of this type of art form.

The Dancing Fire is quickly becoming synonymous with words such as ground-breaking, innovative, progressive, and exciting. There is no doubt that they will continue being the main entertainment and attraction at the most important events and functions, and showcase their special brand of dance for delighted audiences worldwide, as they did for the Edmontonians of The Rohit Group.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ancient Hawaiian Dance Makes its Way to UK Shore

Dancers move in graceful, yet strong succinct movements to the rhythmic sounds of solemn chanting accompanied by a simple instrument, such as a single reed drum. It is an enchanting sound, competing - - or perhaps in harmony - - with the blowing of the wind and the crashing of waves cascading on to the sheltered sands of the Blackpool Beach. It's a dance and a sound steeped in tradition with ancient Hawaiian roots: The Hula Kahiko. This type of Hula, which, unlike contemporary Hula, is never accompanied by a ukulele or guitar, is the oldest form of Hula. Originally used in worship of Gods and Goddesses and used as an oral history in a time with no written language, it is rare that this type of dance be requested for dance companies to perform, let alone by a company in England. 

But that was the case for, The Dancing Fire (The Los Angeles based entertainment company headed by Natalia Dance), when they were requested to perform at the The Venus Company's 20th Anniversary Celebration by CEO Michael Smith on July 9th, of this year. The Venus Company, whose mantra is “Loving the Beach”, runs a number of environmentally friendly, takeaways, beach shops, and all organic cafes in Devon and Cornwall, England. This love for the beach is especially held by CEO Smith, who lived for several years in Hawaii before starting the company with his wife Louisa and business partner Lee Porter. Smith's time spent in Hawaii, was what inspired him to request The Dancing Fire to perform, Hula Kahiko which was a tremendous delight for guests, shocked to be seeing award winning hula performers performing on their shore.

In addition to Kahiko, The Dancing Fire also performed a contemporary hula show, while Josh Chang's full Hawaiian band accompanied them. Chang (also from Los Angeles), who took first place at the Pacific Island Talent Contest in 2011, just had his second album released earlier this year. The exciting evening of talented Hawaiian dance and music was capped off with a mesmerizing Fire/Tahitian fusion show. The swift drumming rhythm and high energy of the Tahitian dancing blended with the spectacle and danger of the Fire props and dancing spellbound the audience, and was the perfect way to end the 20th Anniversary celebration.

Witnessing a variety of Polynesian and traditional Hawaiian dances was likely a special occurrence, and more than likely, a first for several of the guests at The Venus Company's celebration. Luckily a company like The Dancing Fire, which prides itself in producing innovative, exciting, and high quality performances, exists and is willing to travel the world to spread the art form, as well as the spirit of Aloha.